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Six years.

I try not to pay too much attention to anniversaries, but this one seems to be nudging me for some acknowledgement. At times it feels like it’s been a long, grueling six years and at others it feels like six years flew by and I didn’t get to fill them with more…accomplishments.

Why am I still in a wheelchair? Why am I still unable to care for myself? I’d be lying if I told you these thoughts didn’t cross my mind. But let me tell you what six years of paralysis has brought me:

-I no longer need special silverware or plates to be able to feed myself.

-I no longer need help brushing my teeth.

-I can pick up a water bottle or cup to drink whenever I please.

-I can play fetch with my dog.

-My mom can ask me to pass the box of tissues (because I CAN PASS THE TISSUES!).

These all seem like insignificant, mundane task, but regaining all of these things are actually incredible accomplishments and is the culmination of the incremental progress that I have made, through my daily efforts, over the last six years.

So many people disappeared out of my life since my accident, but the most amazing people have stayed in my life and the most genuine and kind people have replaced the people I have lost. I am so blessed to have the support system that I do and cannot go without crediting them for the progress that I’ve made.

Thank you, all, for joining me on the extraordinary journey.

Posted 197 weeks ago