What a night!!!! Family, old friends, and new friends!  The amount of organization and love that went into making last night happen is truly incredible.  I cannot even begin to adequately express my gratitude for the efforts put in last night and the days beforehand to prepare.  It all came together in beautiful, harmonious festivities.  It was really nothing short of perfection.  We had a completely filled venue, amazing comedians (SO FUNNY!!), and a cozy atmosphere filled with love.  Since the beginning of this campaign we’ve raised close to $22,000!!!!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to everyone who contributed and shown their support for this journey of mine!

Comedy for a Spinal Cause (http://comedyforaspinalcause.org/) has taken an admirable commitment in supporting those with spinal cord injuries and strives to raise awareness for those who live with the daily struggle of paralysis.  I am so lucky to have had this event organized for me and David Nihill, of Comedy for a Spinal Cause, is a phenomenally caring individual who shows true passion for his cause. With the support of Stephanie Behrendt and Dave Ryan, they pulled of an unforgettable night!