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Truckin' along

Posted by julia olson on Sunday, September 29, 2013, In : videos 

Today I got to take a look at some old videos of when I first started training at SCI-FIT.  I could barely hold myself in a sitting position and it was a struggle to just hold my head up; when being lifted up I needed someone to hold my head up for me. 

This week my walking was not as good as the week before.  It was a little disappointing, but you have off days with an injury like this.  However, my walking today picked up back where I left it last week.  They key is to keep ...

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Posted by julia olson on Saturday, June 4, 2011,

kneeling- first day
kneeling- getting straighter
sitting straight up- definitely need help with it but cool!
total gym- 800 squats a day
throwing to strengthen triceps
yes, i threw cabbage haha the 4lb. ball was too heavy at first
yup, orages of all sizes too

picking up peanuts and sunflower seeds for dexterity

there was no way i could hold my body up with straight arms at first.  started on my elbows. 

            It has definitely been a too long of a time since I’v...

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